On Crushing Resolutions with my Tiny Yet Powerful Fists

New Year 2015January always brings a rush of blog posts and witty articles bursting with either shining optimism or eloquent raging on the topic of resolutions. I may as well declare my bias right at the start: I’m pro-resolution. I love the feeling that comes with the new year, the feeling of a fresh start, a time to reflect and reexamine goals. I think Maggie Stiefvater best sums up my feelings:

“…I always keep promises to myself, because I like myself. Why would I lie to me, my dearest friend? What would I do to myself if I couldn’t trust myself to do the things I say?”

I may not accomplish every single resolution, but I make every one with the sincere intention of completing it, and you better believe I make an honest effort. I think setting goals is a powerful and essential part of achieving them, and if I happen to set those goals on January 1st, it doesn’t diminish them in any way, nor does it prevent me from setting additional goals throughout the rest of the year.

Apparently this topic gets me fired up with Opinions. I guess I’m just as guilty as the rest of the internet.

So, without further ado, I am publicly declaring my 2015 resolutions, writing-related and otherwise, so you can all watch me spectacularly crush them all over the next twelve months.

1. Finish querying Firestarter (YA novel)
2. Edit Space Academy Rejects (YA novel)
3. Begin querying Space Academy Rejects
4. Draft a third novel (stretch goal: draft a fourth one, too)
5. Go to the eye doctor and get new glasses, damnit. Five years is too long and you are a terrible example to everyone ever.
6. Ditto re: dentist. We won’t even discuss how long it’s been, self.
7. Play and complete 5 video games
8. Read 50 books (minimum 15 diverse titles, but make it 25.)
9. Go to zumba once per week (stretch goal: twice per week, or exercise at home in between)
10. Attend at least 3 South Jersey Writer’s Group meetings
11. Start blogging at mkengland.com (stretch goal: post once per week)
12. Make a household chores schedule (stretch goal: actually stick to it for more than a month)

See you on the other side, creatures. Happy New Year.

Do you have any resolutions, writing-related or otherwise? Share them below. I won’t judge you.


  1. Amy Holiday
    January 5, 2015 at 3:41 am — Reply

    I am so busy drooling over your beautiful website that I can hardly read this post. But I am definitely pro-resolution too 🙂

    Goals for the year, in mostly chronological order:
    Get new job, and eliminate some debt.
    Go on vacation to Baja in February, and relax and enjoy it and only do a little bit of work.
    Publish third short story collection.
    Incorporate SJWG as a non-profit, and successfully step down from the Board of Trustees.
    Finish the 1st draft of my NaNo 2014 novel (I plugged away very slowly in December, but didn’t finish) and complete first revision of NaNo 2013 novel…and possibly draft new novel during NaNo 2015 (I am starting to feel more than slightly insane.)

    Yours are good! Manageable is good! Good luck! Hope to see you at a SJWG meeting or two, and at an Atlantic County writers’ meetup (this may have to be put on hold until goals 3 and 4 are complete. But I am with you in spirit!)

    PS: Thanks for making me write them down. I have been tossing around some vague ideas but nothing concrete.

    PPS: Need to internalize that quote from Maggie Stiefvater. Love it, thanks for sharing!

    • MK England
      January 8, 2015 at 12:33 am — Reply

      D’awww, thanks Amy! You have some great goals for 2015. Any time you need a margarita/writing partner, I’m there. 🙂

      I don’t know what this says about me, but I feel like the most difficult resolutions on this list are getting to the eye doctor and dentist. WHY do I hate making appointments so much?

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