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01 Mar

March Year of Space Goods!

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Happy March!

🚀🌟🌌 Okay, March sneaks up on me EVERY YEAR because February is so short and it’s not faaaair. BUT, I am still ready with your March Year of Space Goodies, and I’m featuring one of my favorite things. Here we go!  🚀🌟🌌

Why the Year of Space? Because I love space a lot, and my debut YA space opera is coming out in December, so I’m counting down with goodies on the 1st of every month to help you get more space in your life. Music, books, video games, podcasts, GIVEAWAYS, & more! I’m using #2018isforSpace all year, but no need to go hunting—I’ll be posting all the goodies on my Year of Space page and linking to them in my newsletter each month.

This month, I’m featuring podcasts that will get you both fiction and nonfiction spacey goodness. WAIT, DON’T GO. I know not everyone has jumped on the podcast bandwagon, but I beg you to hang in until the end of this post and consider giving them a shot.

What’s a podcast? They come in so many different varieties, and they can be anything from talk radio shows to radio dramas to audiobooks. There’s a little bit of everything in this list, so no matter what you’re into there should be something that will appeal.

How to listen to podcasts: You have lots of options! Most (if not all) of these shows have audio players built directly into their websites, so you can definitely listen that way if you prefer. I always use my phone, though, because it means I can listen to them in the car, while getting ready for work, while cooking or cleaning—whenever! There are tons of apps out there that let you subscribe to podcasts. I use Apple Podcasts and Overcast, and I definitely recommend Overcast for iOS users. For Android users, there’s a handy list here. It’s super simple. Just dive in and give it a shot! (My favorite non-space-related podcast is Print Run, and I can’t sing its praises enough. Start there if you’re interested in the publishing industry!)

So, without further ado: the list!

I kept this list pretty tightly curated re: the line between science fiction/science nonfiction and SPACE fiction/nonfiction. There are so many excellent podcasts out there about general science topics, or covering science fiction as a whole genre. This is the year of space, though, so I wanted to stick with podcasts that are as directly relevant as possible. (For more sci-fi podcasts, click here.) Starred podcasts are regular listens for me!

Spacey Fiction Podcasts

I always used to wish I had more short fiction in my life, but I never seemed to think of it when looking for something to read. Fortunately, many of the major SF short story markets put out podcasts with audio versions of their stories! Between that and serialized radio dramas and comedies, I’m well set on short fiction these days. 

Clarkesworld Magazine Podcast – In print since 2006, now available for your ears. Short fiction from Clarkesworld Magazine, 6 times per month.

Escape Pod – Founded in 2005 by Serah Eley, and presently co-edited by Mur Lafferty and Divya Breed. A weekly podcast with short stories from some of today’s best science fiction authors..

Lightspeed – Produced by Skyboat Media, and under the direction of Grammy and Audie award-winning narrator and producer Stefan Rudnicki. Features audiobook-style recordings of four of the eight stories published each month in Lightspeed, released more or less on a weekly basis.

StarShipSofa – Actually several podcasts under one umbrella brand: short fiction, author interviews, and sci-fi news.

Uncanny Magazine Podcast – Uncanny Magazine is an online Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine featuring passionate SF/F fiction and poetry, gorgeous prose, provocative nonfiction, and a deep investment in the diverse SF/F culture. This is a monthly podcast featuring a story, a poem, and an interview that is likewise released on the first Tuesday of each month.

MarsCorp – MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted comedy podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp, a terraforming colony established on the red planet in 2070. There may be a 12-episode second season… one day.

The Message – A serialized story following the weekly reports and interviews from Nicky Tomalin, who is covering the decoding of a message from outer space received 70 years ago. Over the course of 8 episodes we get an inside ear on how a top team of cryptologists attempt to decipher, decode, and understand the alien message. (complete)


Spacey Non-Fiction Podcasts

Between SpaceX, the push for Mars, and the upcoming Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, there’s a lot going on! These podcasts manage to be full of cheeky humor, real science education, and that breathless wonder that draws humanity to the stars, all at once. 

StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson – It’s space, it’s comedy, it’s celebrity guests, it’s all things to all people. Though it does fall into general science topics fairly often, it’s hosted by America’s beloved astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and often features spacey topics, “Cosmic Q&A” with listener questions from twitter and instagram, and regular visits from Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy. Speaking of the Planetary Society…

Planetary Radio – The Planetary Society’s weekly podcast. Regular updates on what’s going on in the world of space, space policy and advocacy, interviews with scientists and engineers, and more. Each week closes with a random space fact and a summary of what you can see in the night sky that week.

NASA podcasts – Holy spacecows, there are a lot of NASA podcasts. Updates from the International Space Station, “Houston, We Have a Podcast” for news from Johnson Space Center, interviews with experts, This Week @NASA, and much more.

Are We There Yet? The Space Exploration Podcast from NPR – “When it comes to human space exploration, we’re on the brink of something big.” Host Brendan Byrne, a space reporter in Orlando, FL, hosts scientists and engineers who are tackling the big issues of getting to Mars, working on the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, and otherwise getting humankind out among the stars.

Big Picture Science from the SETI institute – Okay, this really is more of a general science podcast, BUT it’s hosted by the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) institute. “The Big Picture Science radio show and podcast engages the public with modern science research through lively and intelligent storytelling. Science radio doesn’t have to be dull. The only dry thing about our program is the humor.”

AstronomyCast – Astronomy Cast is “a fact-based journey through the cosmos as it offers listeners weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (CosmoQuest), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer.”


Did I miss any? Recommend your favorites in the comments! I’ll see you on April 1st for more space goodies. Until then—get some space in your life! ☆☆☆

01 Feb

February Year of Space Goodies!

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Happy February!

🚀🌟🌌 The first month of 2018 is somehow already over, but that’s okay because that means it’s time for your next dose of space goodness! Onward and upward! 🚀🌟🌌

What the hell is this about? As a reminder, last month I declared 2018 the Year of Space, and to celebrate I’m posting goodies on the 1st of every month to help you get more space in your life. Music, books, video games, podcasts, GIVEAWAYS, & more! I’m using #2018isforSpace all year, but no need to go hunting—I’ll be posting all the goodies right here and linking to them in my newsletter each month. (Speaking of which… if you wanna see the cover of THE DISASTERS before the rest of the world, you might wanna sign up for that newsletter in the next 10 hours… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

This month I figured, hey, we’ve got 11 months left in this Year of Space, so maybe I should pick something that’ll take you a good long time to consume, right? So, buckle up for an epic list of…

Yep, I went full librarian on your asses. I’ve included books across four age categories here: Young Adult, Adult, Middle Grade/Kids, and Picture Books. But folks, I’m totally serious about this: I really think you should read at least one from each category. Your local public library system should have most of these on hand, so why not give a spacey picture book a try? It’s 32 pages and usually less than 800 words. You can handle that. I believe in you. I’ve also curated this list to ensure it only has books that involve space. That means no Earth-based sci-fi, no time travel, alien invasions, or other sci-fi subgenres.

Just like last month’s Space Tunes playlist, this is a living list, meaning your contributions are always welcome! You have books you want to see on this list? Suggest them in the comments or over on twitter and I’ll look them over to see if they’re a good fit.

Without further ado, you can download the base list as a PDF, or visit the living list here.

Enjoy a year of fabulous space reads, and I’ll be back next month with more space goodies! As they say on StarTalk Radio—don’t forget to look up. 🌟🌟🌟

01 Jan

2018 is the Year of Spaaaaace!

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Hello, my friends!

It is a shiny new year, and not just any year, but 2018—my debut year! I can officially say that THE DISASTERS releases this year and I AM EXCITE. So much, in fact, that I gotta do something.

🚀🌟🌌 I am hereby declaring 2018 the Year of Space, and to celebrate I’m posting goodies on the 1st of every month to help you get more space in your life. Music, books, video games, podcasts, GIVEAWAYS, & more! I’m using #2018isforSpace all year, but no need to go hunting—I’ll be posting all the goodies right here and linking to them in my newsletter each month.  🚀🌟🌌

Your space goodies for the month of January: a space-themed playlist for your listening enjoyment!

Click the image above to get your Spotify playlist of space tunes, or just go to

Got suggestions to add to the playlist? I’d love to hear them! Tell me your favorite spacey songs below.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018 full of wonder, exploration, and new discoveries.


09 Oct

THERE’S DISASTERS NEWS + a shiny new newsletter

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DISASTERS THINGS ARE HAPPENING. So much has gone on behind the scenes over the past two months and I’m so excited to tell you EVERYTHING! If you want to be the first one to know all the things, I’ve created a shiny new monthly newsletter for you to sign up for:

Subscribers get first dibs on all news and announcements (including release date, cover reveals, tour dates, and more!), exclusive content, early excerpts from THE DISASTERS, subscriber-only giveaways, and more. For the writers out there, each issue will also have Particles, a monthly #writetip where I share some bite-sized knowledge I’ve learned along this publishing crash course.

I’ll only be sending one email per month, so don’t worry about me clogging up your inbox. Click here if you want to sign up! And if you wanna be amazing, you can also help me spread the word by RTing this tweet here or reposting this on IG. THANK YOOOOU!

Sorry for ghosting on y’all lately, but at least now you can have a monthly reminder that I’m not actually dead, right?

Happy October!


28 Nov

Casting for Space Academy Rejects

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I was recently made aware that I’ve managed to write an entire novel without ever physically describing my main character. Space Academy Rejects is written in first person, present tense, so it was easier than you might think to accidentally accomplish this ridiculous feat, but it was a huge oversight nonetheless. Meanwhile, in the #PitchWars 2015 facebook group, folks were posting pictures and descriptions of their main characters for another mentee to draw, and I thought… damn, I really need to go digging for some photos.

And I have.

I present to you, the Space Academy Rejects look-alikes:

SAR cast(Image credits at the links below)

Nax (center) — Imran Abbas
Rion (top left) — Donald Glover
Case (top right) — Freema Agyeman
Zee (bottom left) — Jenna Talackova
Asra (bottom right) — Some random beautiful person on Pinterest who happens to look exactly like my mental picture of Asra (we need more hijabi actresses/models!)

Do yourself a favor and google more pictures of Imran Abbas. Go on. I’ll wait. I chose this one because he looks closer to the right age, but there were many, many options.

I was surprised to see how joyful this little exercise was for me. I’m giddy at seeing my characters’ faces like this, and I’m even more pumped up to work on edits now that I have a more concrete idea of their appearance in my mind. Lesson learned: I should cast all my books before I ever do my first round of revisions!

Do you make pinterest boards or cast characters from your own writing? Link me in the comments and I’ll take a look!