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01 Jan

2018 is the Year of Spaaaaace!

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Hello, my friends!

It is a shiny new year, and not just any year, but 2018—my debut year! I can officially say that THE DISASTERS releases this year and I AM EXCITE. So much, in fact, that I gotta do something.

🚀🌟🌌 I am hereby declaring 2018 the Year of Space, and to celebrate I’m posting goodies on the 1st of every month to help you get more space in your life. Music, books, video games, podcasts, GIVEAWAYS, & more! I’m using #2018isforSpace all year, but no need to go hunting—I’ll be posting all the goodies right here and linking to them in my newsletter each month.  🚀🌟🌌

Your space goodies for the month of January: a space-themed playlist for your listening enjoyment!

Click the image above to get your Spotify playlist of space tunes, or just go to

Got suggestions to add to the playlist? I’d love to hear them! Tell me your favorite spacey songs below.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018 full of wonder, exploration, and new discoveries.


22 Dec


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If you want updates, exclusive content, giveaways, and behind-the-scenes peeks until then, subscribe to my monthly Eccentric Orbit newsletter.

Are you ready?

2018 is gonna be the year of space.

09 Oct

THERE’S DISASTERS NEWS + a shiny new newsletter

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DISASTERS THINGS ARE HAPPENING. So much has gone on behind the scenes over the past two months and I’m so excited to tell you EVERYTHING! If you want to be the first one to know all the things, I’ve created a shiny new monthly newsletter for you to sign up for:

Subscribers get first dibs on all news and announcements (including release date, cover reveals, tour dates, and more!), exclusive content, early excerpts from THE DISASTERS, subscriber-only giveaways, and more. For the writers out there, each issue will also have Particles, a monthly #writetip where I share some bite-sized knowledge I’ve learned along this publishing crash course.

I’ll only be sending one email per month, so don’t worry about me clogging up your inbox. Click here if you want to sign up! And if you wanna be amazing, you can also help me spread the word by RTing this tweet here or reposting this on IG. THANK YOOOOU!

Sorry for ghosting on y’all lately, but at least now you can have a monthly reminder that I’m not actually dead, right?

Happy October!