Tea & Type

The writing world is full of anxiety. This stuff is hard, y’all. Querying. Going on submission. Putting actual words on a blank page. Sending scary emails. Let’s all take a step back and breathe. Sometimes it can be easy to let the echo chamber of the writing world reflect all of our fear, self-doubt, and sheer panic right back at us. For a short time every Monday night, we’d like to take a bit of a break. Let’s have a cup of tea, chat about writing, and turn the stress down a notch as we spend some time working on our current projects as a community. Join authors authors M.K. England and Jamie Pacton every Monday night at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific for the 15 minute live Tea & Type show, then stick around until the end of the hour for some writing “sprints” (but without the frantic word count comparing) on #TeaAndType.

Do you have a question you want answered on the air, a topic you’d like to see us talk about, or even a type of tea you think we should try? Reach out to us at TeaTypeWrite@gmail.com or using the hashtag #AskTeaAndType on twitter. You can also feel free to hang out on the #TeaAndType tag even when it’s not showtime; the only rule is to keep it chill. That means everyone is welcome, don’t be a jerk, and don’t incite stress-talk or play the publishing comparison game. Think of it like the zen garden of the twitter writing community.

That’s it! Sound good? Subscribe to the Tea & Type channel on Youtube so you don’t miss an episode!


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