Year of Space

It is a shiny new year, and not just any year, but 2018—my debut year! I can officially say that THE DISASTERS releases this year and I AM EXCITE. So much, in fact, that I gotta do something. And so:

🚀🌟🌌 I am hereby declaring 2018 the Year of Space, and to celebrate I’m posting goodies on the 1st of every month to help you get more space in your life. Music, books, video games, podcasts, GIVEAWAYS, & more! I’m using #2018isforSpace all year, but no need to go hunting—I’ll be posting all the goodies right here and linking to them in my newsletter each month.  Scroll down for the goods revealed so far!  🚀🌟🌌


Space Tunes Playlist
February: Space Books List (Picture Books, Middle Grade & Kids, Young Adult, and Adult)
March: Space Podcasts (both fiction and non-fiction)
April: ????? To be revealed April 1st ?????



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