April Year of Space Goodies — Space Crafts!

Not to be confused with spacecrafts.


New month means new Year of Space goodies, and this is a special month indeed. It’s GLOBAL ASTRONOMY MONTH, and in honor of that my library teens and I have planned a program later this month. At that program, we’ll celebrate all things space, scream about our favorite spacey books and fandoms, and best of all, do spacey crafts! So, what better time to push my love of space on y’all via arts and crafts?

Throughout the month, I’ll be posting photos of the spacey crafts I make over on my instagram. The first one goes up later this afternoon, along with a link to instructions. I’ll admit, I tend to wing it and make up my own methods with crafts, and I’m no crafty superstar, so nothing I share will be overly complicated or difficult. I do find crafts relaxing, though, and I’m a BIG fan of today’s craft, so I hope you’ll check it out! As I complete each one, I’ll be adding the links to the bottom of this post.

Also, don’t forget that my newsletter subscribers have a chance to win a 2018 debut book of their choice this month, which could be a spacey book (or even THE DISASTERS) if you so choose. Your final chance to enter will be in this month’s newsletter, which should go out in the next two weeks or so… with ARC news!

Hope you enjoy these early days of spring, and don’t forget to look up at the night sky!


April 2: DIY Galaxy Umbrella: See it on Instagram, and view tutorials here and here.
April 13: Nebula in a Jar: See it on Instagram, and view a tutorial here.
April 23: Galaxy Sugar Cookies: See it on Instagram, and view a tutorial here.


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