NaNoWriMo Printable Tools

As I’ve mentioned before, I was selected as one of the Municipal Liaisons for National Novel Writing Month, so I’ll be coordinating events for the South Jersey region as well as my own library this year. I wanted to make some fun extras to motivate people to come to write-ins and finish their 50k words, so here they are: a NaNoBingo card with various challenges to complete, and a Frequent Writer Card that wrimos get stamped or stickered at events they attend.

If you need editable versions of any of these documents, let me know in the comments and I’ll get you an Illustrator (.ai) file. Please feel free to print these out and use them at your own events, though I’d prefer it if you could leave the credit line in.

NaNoBingo Card

Frequent Writer Card

The FWC currently has six spaces, which could be filled if a wrimo went to one write-in per week, plus the kickoff and TGIO parties. Regions with particularly ambitious wrimos may wish to edit to add more spots.

For prizes, I’m using my library’s button maker to make 1.5″ pinback buttons that are South Jersey-themed. Check your local library to see if they have a makerspace or equipment check out—you may be able to do the same!

Happy novel planning, wrimos! See you in November.

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